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The PAAC Training Committee is preparing for its August/September 2015 Regional CLE.  This seminar will be a Trial Skills training opportunity.  Please complete this form to assist the Committee in selecting a training date and venue.  We appreciate your participation.  

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A Comprehensive Approach to Serving as Juvenile Court GAL

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Missouri Supreme Court Denies Right To Counsel in Child Protective Case

In State v. Churchill, — S.W.3d —-, 2014 WL 839455 (Mo. App. 2014), the state initiated an emergency child protection proceeding upon belief that a mother had a child who was in need of assistance (the mother’s six other children previously had been removed and her parental rights terminated).  At the hearing, the other children of the mother in question testified about this seventh child.  When the mother was called to testify, she said, “I want legal counsel” prior to agreeing to take the oath to tell the truth.   Continue reading ‘Missouri Supreme Court Denies Right To Counsel in Child Protective Case’

Rise Magazine: January 2015 Web Exclusive

Rise Magazine is written by and for parents involved in the child welfare system. Its mission is to help parents advocate for themselves and their children. The January 2015 Web Exclusive includes the following articles:

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Georgia Child Welfare Reform Council Recommendations

The Georgia Child Welfare Reform Council released their final report to Governor Deal today.
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All the meetings and discussions have been videotaped and are/have been available to the public through their website at

The Fundamentals of Representing Teen Dating Violence Victims

February 12, 2015

Washington, DC 

This interactive, day-long training will focus on the nuances of teen dating violence, and provide litigation skills training for practicing attorneys that will enable them to more effectively, ethically, and holistically represent victims of teen dating violence in civil litigation.

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