This page provides information on upcoming training seminars and presentation materials relevant to attorneys who defend parents in dependency proceedings and termination of parental rights cases.  FREE CLE seminar videos and access to the motions and brief bank are located in the Members Only area at Attorney Resources.


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Sept. 14-15, 2017: Parent Attorney Skills Training CLE 

Topics included transfers from probate and superior courts; role of GAL, child advocates, and CASA; solution-based casework, case plans, and permanency options; best practices; community based solutions; and case law updates.


Brochure Child and Adolescent Services Back

Brochure Child and Adolescent Services Front

Brochure Emerging Adult Support Services BACK

Brochure Emerging Adult Support Services Front

Brochure Mental Health Outpatient Services Back

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New Juvenile Code Handout

Predispositon Report

Best Practices Presentation


JC Presentation

LEGAL Presentation 



June 28, 2017: Dependency Appellate Procedure CLE 

You’ve been handed your first appeal and have no idea what to do!  Learn the nuts and bolts of dependency appellate work, including filing deadlines, which orders are appealable, who needs to be served, the differences between discretionary and direct appeals, and how to craft your argument.




Example Brief: James Anagnostakis

Appellate Procedure Forms

NUTSBOLTS.AppellateProcedure. Powerpoint

PreserveRecord.AppellateProcedure. Powerpoint


December 9, 2016: PAAC Quarterly CLE Seminar

Overview of Dependency
Dependency Flowchart
Ethics Appendix
Rapport & Collaboration
Child Abuse Registry

GA Maltreatment Codes

September 30, 2016
:  Trial Prep Strategies and Live Mock Trial
MOCK Dependency Petition
MOCK Dependency Complaint
MOCK Dependency Case Plan

September 9, 2016:
 Using PAAC’s Resources Effectively


June 30, 2016
: PAAC Beginner’s CLE for Parent Attorneys


Overview From Removal to Permanency
Dependency Timeline
Model Motion for Discovery
Dependency Mediation
Notice Letter
Agreement to Mediate
Mediation Agreement
Group Discussion & Resources
-Fact Patterns: Mental Illness
Fact Patterns: Substance Abuse
-Fact Patterns: Domestic Violence


March 18, 2016: “Motions Practice for Parent Attorneys”
The seminar covers several topics, including case planning for pre-adjudication and adjudicatory disposition hearings, JJ v. Ledbetter and Daubert motions, motions in limine, motions in the context of case plans and reasonable efforts, and motions to return custody. The seminar is approved for four (4) CLE credits, including four (4) trial hours.

The Meaning of Reasonable Efforts
How to Elevate Your Game
PAAC Quarterly Meeting
The Beginning, The Middle & The End: Case Plan Development
– Case Plan Goals
– Statutory Law
– Objection to Caseplan
Redacted Case Plan Report
Redacted Consent Order of Disposition

September 11, 201
5: “Essentials of Representing Parents in Dependency Cases”

PAAC’s second beginner training of the year for Parent Attorneys.  The training covered timelines in dependency cases, ethics of representation, review hearings, as well as representation of fathers and parents with disabilities.
Essentials Training Agenda and Presenter Bios

Training Materials:
Timelines in Dependency Cases
Representing Parents with Disabilities (Geter, Hull)
Representing Parents with Disabilities II (LeGault)
Ethics of Representing Parents
Representing Fathers

March 25, 2015: A Comprehensive Approach to Serving as Juvenile Court GAL
Through collaboration among GPDC, Office of the Child Advocate, DeKalb County Juvenile Court, DeKalb County Child Advocacy Center, and the Georgia Association of Counsel for Children, this training seminar geared for Juvenile Court Attorney-GALs was recorded and is available for on-demand viewing. This training is approved by the Office of the Child Advocate.

Training Agenda
Watch Video Here

Presentation Materials

March 20, 2015: Chatham County School Justice Partnership Summit

Archived Livestream is here:

March 13, 2015: PAAC Quarterly Meeting
The State of Georgia’s Child Abuse Law and Medical Intervention” by Darice M. Good and Colleen Puckett

February 5, 2015: PAAC Hall County CLE

“Representing Parents In Juvenile Court:  It’s New for Everyone”